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Customized Blend

How sure are you in the quality of blends that are prepared in your laboratory?
Do you spend a lot of time in preparing the solvent blends?

Most companies require chemists and production personnel to carry out the preparation of the formulation in-house. This takes up additional company resources which can be better used to increase productivity. Cross-contamination and inaccurate formulation mix may occur due to inadequate handling.

As a producer of high purity solvents, EAM is able to better support our clients by producing highly customised blends of high purity solvents and reagents. IMPSOLV, the highly customised blends are produced to your exact specifications and checked with our ISO17025 certified QC laboratory. By eliminating the need to manually prepare the blends, your production and laboratory team will benefit from minimising waste caused by formulation errors, cost and time saving, improving consistency and quality.

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